Jaguar Liquid Cooling PM Motor

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1) IE4 permanent magnet motor

2) Low RPM permanent magnet motor

Lowest to 1500 RPM makes higher torque, lower  vibration and outstanding efficiency.


3) Best Matching ratio of Air End

Optimized air end matching ratio based on long time research and type tests, makes the air delivery 10% higher than same power machines of others.


4) Low Noise Design

All new design gear or coaxial driving , low speed  running in an enclosed cabinet structure, high polymer  acoustical materials make the compressor noise  decreased to average 20%.

5) Selected Low RPM Rotor 

To achieve high efficiency by matching low speed  permanent magnet motor.

6) High Precision Air End

Own patents 3rd generation asymmetric  rotor profile and optimized high efficiency  design makes higher air delivery.

7) High Quality Professional  driving Inverter 

Building block design and built-in MODBUS,  RS485, RS232 serial communication design  satisfied extension, maintenance and customers' multi requirements.

8) Original Creation of Liquid  Cooling System 

Better and more reliable cooling effect control  the temperature of permanent magnet motor  within 70-80 ℃. No demagnetization, low  motor current and easy maintenance.

9) JAGUAR+ Intelligent Control and Touch Panel 

Data display / alarm / warning / protection / setting / automatic control / remote control.


 Specification subject to change without notice in advance. 

  • Jaguar Liquid Cooling PM Motor Two-Stage
  • RV65 2HP 8 BAR 100L Tank
  • FU JIH Booster
    Air Compressor