FU JIH Booster

Air Compressor

Product Descriptions

FU JIH Booster Compressor’s Device Protection

FU JIH is equipped with safety devices that generate smooth workflow, reliable outcome and reduce cost of maintenance. Working perfectly while cause less problems. The key protections that include with the compressor are;

  1. Low Oil Level S.W. : Prevent under oil level
  2. Low Oil Pressure S.W. : Prevent state of under oil pressure
  3. High Temperature Shut Down S.W : Prevent damage from over temperature.



Creates compressor durability and makes hotter oil carry over.

Built-in After cooler

The temperature at discharge side will be decreases dramatically while the humidity is also reduced by up to 65%. When used in PET bottle industry, the bottle is produced in higher quality, clearer cooler, comparing with the booster without after cooler.

100% Heavy Duty

Capable to be operated hour-long for months by having the oil pump which lubricate and cool the system, at 650 RPM. It is equipped with sizable Cooling Fan to cool cylinder blocks which has bigger cooling fans resulting in huge temperature reduction.

Oil Pump System

Helps to reduce system wear out. It take less risk to meet overheat state. Clean value and ability to be day-long operated for months.


1) Oil Pump

FU JIH Booster Compressor is equipped with necessary safety Oil Pump which will help Booster Compressor last for years while working 24 hours long everyday without overheat. The oil pump mainly reduces the heat, decreases the system noise and lubricates. Within the oil pump, there is an Oil Pressure Adjusting, controlling the oil pressure as it is normally set up at 3-4 kg/cm2. If the oil pressure is below 2.5 kg/cm2, the oil pressure adjusting system will cut out the power supplied, and the signal led will show ‘Low Oil Pressure’.

2.Water Separator

It is the device that separate water from the Inlet system. When the Inlet Solenoid Value turn the Compressor Air at 5-7 kg/cm2, water will flow to the Inlet of the Booster Compressor by passing the water Separator which will separate water from the air. This is to prevent water causing the lubrication system error.

3.Low Oil Level Switch

FU JIH Booster Compressor is equipped with a safety device that will prevent the shortage of engine oil. This device is located within the crankcase If the engine oil level decreases, the floating switch will start to move down and be apart of the contact switch. The power will be cut and LED light shows Oil Level Switch.

4.Energy Saving System

FU JIH Booster Compressor is designed to have both Free Load and Automatic Stop system. When the pressure is at the desired level, for example 40 kg/cm2, it will run Free Load Auto according to the set up parameters. The booster compressor will enter the No Load made when it has to start again but the Inlet Solenoid Valve is still shut. Consequently, the compressor will enter Free Load mode, the Pusher will start to open the Suction Valve of each noise to avoid the air prevention within the Cylinder of the compressor.

5.After Cooler

FU JIH Booster Compressor has Built-In After Cooler which can handle the pressure as high as 60 kg/cm2. With the quality- heat-ventilated copper as a part of the after cooler, the after cooler mechanic is at the highest quality to reduce the heat inside the compressor. Furthermore, it is designed to have more heat preventing surface. This helps the ventilation system works better and also the amount of the air at the ventilation surface is sufficient. The air temperature that flow out the after cooler is very low (approx. Ambeint up 15-20 °c)

6.Piston and Connecting Road

FU JIH Booster Compressor is equipped with 2-step-piston which can enable it to have durability, resulting in 24 hours performance. Also, it helps reduce oil carried over when compared to signal step (in normal circumstance). Moreover, its Connecting Road and Piston pin were designed to be bigger in order to support 2-step-piston.

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